My Present Thoughts.

The words are always the same
It's always the same damn game
I speak. You speak. Words don't sing
You speak. I speak. **** ing ring!

Give me one. A brilliant do-over!
Try to change it! Yell! Shout! Call me Rover!
Throw a punch! Say something real!
Are you human? Don't you FEEL?

Gawd damn! Will this ever end?
I need you now-I need you friend!
This torture rends my easy flesh
Looking out through bars and mesh....

The Sentence is long and harsh
Dump my body in the marsh!
Free me now. Not waiting til then-
I want you now -I need you Friend!
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3 Responses Jun 3, 2012

Since the dawn of time, the words of man have tried unsuccessfully to express the emotions of the heart. It is only when inspired by a Muse that man can even begin to come close to bring out into the open the colours and magnitude of his feelings for another.<br />
<br />
Men are naturally drawn to these Angels, daughters of the arts, and it is because of them that man has been able to create such wonderful tributes that will last until the end of time in the hearts of those who understand.

Good poem, man. Really captures that maddening frustration of communication, the lack of it.

Words so strong,<br />
Words or Iron,<br />
Speaking of longing,<br />
speaking of trying,<br />
<br />
Your words reach me,<br />
they make a start<br />
Your welcome here<br />
you've captured my heart.

Second line should read Words of Iron and they sing because of you.