Defiinition of Bi Polar Disorder-

What is Bi Polar Disorder?

Also known as Manic Depression. It causes serious shifts in a persons thinking, mood,energy and behavior patterns.

More common than we think. NIMH quotes as 3 out of 100 adults are effected by this.

It's causes are not understood, but it often runs through families.

                         Walter- Abnormal Psych- PSI

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P.D.<br />
RF briefed me on your situation. I want to explore Bi-polar mainly because of you and your family.<br />
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If you have questions, pls contact me. No promises but I will do my best to answer.<br />
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If you love someone who is having a bipolar episode, it hurts both of you.

God Bless You.<br />
I love a success story.<br />
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Walter- PSI

I spent a good part of my life homeless and in and out of jail for "nuisance" crimes. When I started taking the right meds everything turned around.