Be Aware of Triigers For Manic Or Depressive Spisodes

From the National Alliance Of Mental Health:

Certain factors can set offor worsen bi polar in people who are gentically pron e to the condition.

1)A stressful environment or negative life style.

2) Reactions to medications

3) Trouble falling asleep.

4) Underactive thyroid gland.

5) Hormonal Fluctuations

6) Seasonal changes.

                                   Walter- PSI

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Thank you. Very informative post. I don't think this is information that most people have.

Well said.

Sanctus, there are very real chemical imbalances and differences in brain structure and metabolism that occur in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder. These aren't just about a lack of control on the part of the individual. That being said, people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, just like those who have been diagnosed with a heart condition, can exert a degree of control in managing their lifestyle, stress, and how they handle their emotions, all factors that can aggravate their disorder. They owe it to their loved ones (and themselves) to try to manage the symptoms, and their loved ones owe them a degree of compassion and understanding, within limits.

Your opinions are noted. The reason for he post is to help educate individuals.<br />

Well what would you like to talk about? The way I see bipolor disorder is that it is just a lack of control. Since we are constantly trying to balance out our lives and bodies (meaning the positive from the negative) a small defect in humans has occurred. The only way to treat any kind of mental disorder is just practice and awareness. You must be aware of what is going inside your brain and body. If something is really ******* you off or agitating you realize what it is that is doing so become aware that that is the only reason you are getting so angry, then realize that it is only going to hinder your life and not help it. Since human beings are selfish creatures you must use that against them in helping them.