The Tree And The Iron Bar

Ever since I left home at a young age ive indulged a philosophy towards child rearing.  You can raise a child like a tree or an iron bar.

The iron bar child is bent exactly into whatever shape the parent wishes.  When it is the wrong shape it is beaten into shape in much the same fashion as a blacksmith forges steel.  If its particularly resistant, the heat of the furnace will still allow it to be moulded exactly into the desired form.

The tree child is encouraged and nurtured to grow into the shape that suits it best.  Some course corrections can be made.  Some unwanted growth can be pruned.  It can be tied or trained when growth is in the wrong direction.  Ultimately its about shaping the tree into its most fulfilling potential and requires acceptance of the trees original form.

While the iron bar becomes the exact shape desired, it will never live, love or grow into something more.  It is essentially dead inside.  The tree continues to develop and grow throughout life whether its caretakers are present or not.

Happy parenting folks =)
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

Love this theory and highly believe in it. It is much how i was raised.

thank you. i hope you mean you were raised in the more pleasant of these two methods.

I was my parents whrre more friends and older sibligs than parents but knew how to be parent when needed

that is lovely. im so glad.

Wow. Very well said, bro! Thank you for sharing...I'm going to use that metaphor elsewhere, if you don't mind?

I would be honoured sis. Thank you =)

What a beautiful concept and philosophy BB....I LOVE it!! I'm not a parent myself but my own parents were and are... total "tree huggers" and followed along this whole idea!!

and didnt you turn out beautifully sierra33 ;D.