Can't Stand To See My Daughter Upset

This week everyone went back to school, and what should be an exciting time of year has been nothing but tears and stress. Myself and my two daughters along with a step daughter and her father lived out in the middle of nowhere in a shack of a home. Nobody was ever really happy there but the girls did love the school that happenedd to be 12 miles away from home. Well this year we decided to relocate back to our hometown since there was no jobs around our other small town area. There was always the idea that we could return to that shack if we wanted but my fiancee has recently found work and decided we will stay in the larger more convenient town, even though we are divided and not even all staying together till we can afford rent. I have to stay with my parents and he with his, which being 30 is nothing but cramped, humiliating and makes me feel like a loser. Ok so back to my daughter, she is almost 12 and has started 6th grade. I was so excited for her to be in middle school but every day after school she cries and begs me to take her back to the other school. It breaks my heart, I have headaches and feel so bad and guilty that I cant give her what she wants. She misses her friends and its almost like a death has occured. I keep trying to find ways we could return but Im sure its impossible. I dont know the point in writing this but I wish I knew what to do.
haileyandkaylinmom haileyandkaylinmom
Sep 7, 2012