Religion War?

Before I go and say somehting that someone will take wrong and get pissed at, Let me state that I am a Wiccan, but through out my life I was agnostic and studied the religions with no affiliation, so my thoughts and "philosophys" (if thats what you want to call them), are not Bias. I do not believe that my religion is better then yours, nor do I discredit your religion.

Now here is where those of you who believe that YOU are the only one that is right, can turn back and not even read this post, Because I know the group says peacefully, But we all know that some people love to Troll and cause trouble..

I will start with what I know best, that Is the religion I practice, the Wiccan Religion.... Most people are against witches without even knowing what it is we believe. So we believe in Magick and casting spells, we Believe in a Goddess and God and many other deities, but we also live by the Law if Harming None, we are peaceful people that are one with Nature...

Now, I bring up the Many gods part because thats actually what this post is about... So, we have all these different religions that think that their God is the only God, that thier way is the only way, But, if you study the religions, look at the very basics of each religion, and you will see that, yes, it is the same basic frame. Think about this, We all honor and respect (i do not use the word worship, that is a story for another time) a Higher Power, we all ask this higher power to bless and watch over us, we all believe that this Higher Power had something to do with the life that is walking this earth. And, I will not go into other similarities because I believe that is where problems will arise the most...

All in all, My thought is, Religion is all about just what way you feel comfortable honoring this higher power, weather you want to throw all the m&m's into one bowl, or seperate the colors according to their affiliation with certian emotions... its all the creator and keeper of our lives and the world around us... Religion should bring us together, not tear us apart....


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You're right. There are hundreds of thousands of religions in the world. Now, if God set these up for us to learn to worship Him properly, learn to love one another, and have useful, peaceful lives, we can only arrive at one of two conclusions: Either he failed miserably or he didn't set them up in the first place and something else is behind them. What do you think? :)

to TheBenis, there seems to be some controversy over who really started monotheism, Akenaten the pharoah of Egypt or Moses. In fact, some claim (not me) that Moses was Akenaten. Just wanted you to know there seems some doubt.

Where does that doubt come from? xW

to andyneil, Jesus Christ said "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" John 13:34-35. <br />
He's not talking to the world in general, he's talking to only those who follow him saying that that's how the world will know you are Christians.

You are biased LOL ;)

Very good point... Im so glad this story didn't cause a stir, you all bring up such wonderful points.. Keep posting :)

I do I do .....even bought m &amp; m's :)

I'll start off by saying that I agree with everything you've said so far. I only know a little bit about Wicca, but I do know that the first religion to make claims that there was only one god and that all other gods had to be abolished was Judaism. What a lot of people don't realize is that Judaism used to worship 3 different gods back in the time of Moses. They picked Yahweh and he supposedly said "You can't have any other gods before me" and that they needed to destroy any other idols or places of worship of other gods. If you put Judaism as a parallel to other religions, than Yahweh (more commonly known today as God) could also be known as Aries or Mars. This religious mentality was passed on to Christianity. Of course, not all Christians are obsessed with the fact that there is only one god and that only they are right, but it's very common in that religion. <br />
<br />
Anyways... I kinda went off a tangent. I personally believe that none of the religions of today have correctly figured out who God is but we project human qualities because we don't understand It. It's almost impossible to fully understand anyway because our minds our finite.

So..... I think what you mean is: let us just believe. What I would like to add: from that moment on (what I think you would want, as I do by the way) the world will be a better place. We will get there! xW

Everyone seems to love thats analogy.. HAHA... I think alot of people are not only scared of the unknown, but i believe some people are not comfortable enough to learn about other paths of life... I am devoted to Wicca, But if you look on my book shelf, i own the holy bible, the koran, the satanic bible,and the teachings of buddah... I study all aspects of religion because I believe its all the same high power, and I am interested in how others choose to honor

Sorry to ask, but how can there be a "satanic bible"? I know about all the other ( and read it) but ... the "satanic" one, there I loose you. xW

I call myself a heretic Christian, and that's one of the reasons. I can't accept that anyone or any group of people has spiritual exclusivity. I simply cannot believe that good people are going to suffer indescribable pain for eternity because they don't say a few words and believe any particular thing. I'm also very aware of all the horrible things that have happened because of the existence of religion.<br />
I think the evils of this world are on the shoulders of humanity and not God.

Very very true (in my eyes). xWanna

I completely agree with this post! I was Wiccan for years, and then Christian for years, and now I am being drawn back to Wicca. It's true, most people know nothing about it, and people tend to fear what they know nothing about, and then they just shut themselves off to it... But it really does encompass the basic laws and nature of other religions. It just depends how you look at it... I love the M&M thing. Makes sense. =]

What is that about M&amp;M's? LOL. Without fun: you are right (I think). I think this post written by PeacefulNixie, being in her age (do NOT mean that degrading!! In the contrary) is awesome. She must have an old soul. xWanna

people often mis-use religion...wasn't it the same Christ who said "Love one and another as I have loved you"? This is true unconditional love!<br />
Instead of being open and loving to all, we adopt self-rightousness! sad,sad!!!

Sad indeed. Very much so. I am glad I do not have to judge their actions. xW

Thank you! It don't matter what you call your higher power, point is, Love, honor and respect is what you need to get through life...

I believe that all religions should spread love, not hatred or animosity! If we can't respect God who is in everything,and who is beyond everything, then we are being myopic!!!

I follow no religion now but brought up in christian faith so love and caring I have taken from this for all man kind but if I was tobelieve it would be "Mother Nature" and the invisib le force that holds the world together,but she is fighting back as we try to destroy her.

Wowwwwww, right you are!!!!

im not biased actually, I know more of my religion, so those are the points i bring up, up i honestly don't believe i am right over anyone else, because i believe we all follow the same power no matter what name you give it

You're great! xWanna(begreat2)

to each his/her own. That's why they call it "belief!" It's believed not a fact!<br />
<br />
I myself am a Christian, a follower of Christ. I believe I'm right. I hope I'm right. I trust I'm right. But who knows? Until I die, or any of us dies, the certainly won't be there. <br />
<br />
And that's why they really call it "belief." <br />
<br />
BTW, you are biased, just biased towards your own belief in Wiccan. <br />
<br />
Have a great day! Seriously.

Jjust a few moments ago I wrote this. I think it says a lot. I might be wrong though. I am not biased ;)
The piece:
For those who do not know me yet: when I want to know something I read all I can about it (what always is less than what there is written about it). In the end sometimes one particular passage stays in my mind. I would like to share that with you and ask for your opinion. Because I might learn even more then; this only being one of the reasons.
The passage in this case refers to Christians in general and says: "they rationalize that it is physically impossible for three distinct persons to be only one."
I now do not say all Christians think that way, the writer did neither. I think though this is a very important statement. Why....? For one: who are "we" to even try to rationalize God: we can't!
Second: when "we" understand that our God, the only true God shows Himself in three different forms, who are "we" to day he cannot show Himself in hundreds of ways.
This what follows is only my opinion: I think he does show Himself in hundreds of forms. Just watch Nature! We did not invent it, did we? We destroy it, but that is another discussion. Of course one could say Nature is one. Which would immediately mean: God is one (form). What are we talking about now ...; I think "we" all know he is more then one, maybe a better phrase is: we all feel he is more than one. I say this because rationalizing did not bring mankind any further; just referring to this subject. It only drove us apart. Rationalizing, in my mind means: "science". God is no science, one cannot (and there everybody agrees) refer to God in a scientific way. So why do we? Because we want to understand, in the mean time saying we believe. Those are contradictions as everybody knows. Again: why do we? Let us leave it here for now. But when you might agree this reaches much further than I now tried to explain. These are only my thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.
Thank you for reading.

my step daughter is a wiccan she beileves in the goddesses and being close to nature and to harm none. it sounds like a good thing to me to harm none