What Is It Like To Be Dead?

Many people believe that God can communicate through dreams.

Though I believe most dreams are just dreams, something has just

happened that seems to confirm something else.

I must have been in my early twenties when I first had the dream.

Tonight I have seen my first tie in to that dream. The dream went like


My husband was dead...there had been some sort of accident. The

whole top of his head was missing. He was laid out for visitation at

my best friends house.

I visited several times a day, and was fascinated that though dead, he

was still able to talk to me. We talked a lot about how much I missed

him since he'd died. Suddenly it occurred to me to ask what I

considered a very important question. "What is it like to be dead?"

He opened his mouth and all I heard was a blood curdling scream. In

the same instant I was surrounded in total darkness. The scream

went on and on. I was terrifieand sorry I had ever asked the question.

 I awoke after that shook up but relieved to have escaped such a horror.

I was afraid to try to think about what the dream meant. The

possibilities were frightening. Yet it was a dream I could never


Tonight as my daughter was going through her facebook a link to a

video describing a man returning from the dead popped up. I admit I

half expected it to be a hoax, yet was drawn to it. I really wanted to

see this thing.

We went to view the video and I payed close attention. As interesting

as it was, the most interesting part for me is the mans' response after

being asked, "What is it like to be dead?"

I'll share the link in hope that you will view this for yourself. I would

really love to get a discussion together about what I experienced.

What do you think?


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I have a question.

If God communicates to us in dreams then why is it people like myself have very messed up and traumatic nightmares frequently?

This all sounds like coincidence sorry but I'm skeptic

i have died 3 times (heat stopped) the longes was over 4 minutes. it feels...painful but then blissful. idk how to explain it. but i wasnt lucky enough to have an out of body experience.

Are you saved?

i was once upon a time but no i dnt hav a religion now

Don't worry so much about religion, just your relationship with God. He can guide you where you want to go.

no, i dnt like him at all these days.

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I remember when I was about 14 I had a dream where I was at my cousins house. We were outside just talking and then this red man walks past us, with a black suit wearing white shoes. From what I recall he had horns on his head (legit, this is real) He walked past us a few times, and then he went into my cousins garage. In my dream I was terrified, so were my cousins, but then they got over it. The man came out of the garage, with his head bitten off though. Like a shark had bitten it off, and he just began walking again. I told one of my Christian friends this, and she said in the bible God ripped of Lucifer's head.

How about that?!

Then a few months later, I had a dream where I was in heaven. The gates opened and I ran to God and hugged him. He hugged me back :) I couldn't see his face though, it was blurry.

I believe dreams are just dreams. But God's dreams aren't dreams, they're messages.

This is all legit. I actually had these dreams :D

Please ask your friend where in the Bible this story is. If your dream was sent by God then it was most likely meant to reassure you.

I have had a dream like that, I got told off for being violent and then got a hug like a parent scolding a child. <3

I have watched the video. One cannot make any firm conclusions from that video or any video like it. Simply they are too easy to fake. And people can have near death experiences and you cannot tell if the experience came from the Spiritual dimension or their minds created the experience.

Your dream may have been a sign from God to you, or it may have been something your mind created. I guess it comes down to you seeking confirmation from God as to the source of the dream and if that source is God then the meaning of the dream.

I hope you find peace in this.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

I recommend reading about the death experiences of Gloria Polo, Howard Storm, Don Piper, or Colton Burpo. You can read previews online, or get the books. Google 'em. I recommend these over some others, because there are others with false stories.

Yes, thank you. But what is your opinion of what I experienced?

I tend to think that all dreams have a spiritual connection, but sometimes very difficult for us to figure out what that connection is, although sometimes we figure it out years and years later.

Death is a begining of a new life for people having faith in GOD, Its Messengers, day of judgement and holy books but for those who does not have faith its a start of journey toward Hell where they will live forever, coz this life is mortal and the life hereafter is immortal...May Allah bestow us with happiness in this life and hereafter....

Do you think I saw death?

Cant say..some dreams are true some are not....