A man once told me "if I choose to believe in God and in the end it turns out not to be real, then I have nothing to lose. But if I choose not to believe and in the end it turns out to be real.. I have everything to lose."

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Easier said than done. I chose to believe in the God of the Christians (and Abrahamic religions in general) for many years. Any time I started to stray, I forced myself into believing again. In the end, I knew I had no faith in their god, but I feared Hell. I kept telling myself I was Christian and realized that I was being a fool. I was putting a show on for something I didn't even believe in. Say that God and Jesus are the one true path and all others will damn you to Hell. Is God so daft that I can fool him by pretending to be Christian? If God knows what is in my heart, then he knows that I do not see Him as the one path to righteousness and that I disagree with many minor details in the Bible. It's moronic to think I could fool God, if he is the way he's portrayed in any Abrahamic texts.
The point is, I have a problem with Pascal's wager. For one, it's not always as easy as just "choosing" belief in God. It implies that you can just sort of go with it and be a decent person and gain eternity with truly heartfelt Christians. It doesn't follow, the way I see it. Not only that, but it perpetuates a fear based religion. It encourages people to convert to Christianity out of fear of Hell. It calls to mind the tyrannical king who demands respect, but only gains fear. His subjects don't love him, they don't believe in him, but they go through the motions out of fear of execution. Pascal's wager is yet another way to strong-arm folks into calling themselves Christians out of fear of "losing everything".

I am Christian and I dont believe the way i do out of fear of Hell. I believe Hell is simply the justice you get for how much evil you caused in others lives that those who are truly sorry and who ended up being loving wont have to worry about. I try to make sure that I stick with God because of how much sense He makes to me and the power and freedom and peace He gives me

You refer to Pascal's wager, a concept I have disagreed with since I first learned of it. Quite frankly, there are many religions that claim if you aren't a member, you're screwed. At that point, it's become a guessing game. I could talk more, but quite frankly, I just don't care too much.

You must care if you for agree, I'm curious as to why you disagree.. care to share?

You can't live in some sort of wishy-washy belief out of fear that it's true-- it's madness. The act of believing something is not something one can correctly do out of indecision, but rather, out of logic and thought. If God is who the Christians, or the Muslims, or the Jews say he his, he certainly cannot fault me for the use of flawed logic.

I completely agree with the fact that you can not base all your beliefs off this theory. A true relationship with God is the only way fully know God. But as an idea it's self.. Logic? Or unlogic? Because the theory makes since if you just look at the surface.


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Wow.... That's a tremendous way of putting it! .... Well, you also have to know God... It is not just blind faith as many would assume it to be....

I agree 100% just a little twist on perspectives!