I have a relationship with god but do not go to church, I don't believe in churches in this day and age, all they want is money.
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Going to church can help get to know others and learn etc but you are right so many churches are money this money that. when any money if needed churches should be helping the oppressed and need rd not helping themselves - that's even in the bible and churches cannot do that it's so sad and disappointing when such examples of people cannot live up to what they believe. I am sure many do try help others in society but at the least I feel the salvation army churche is one of the most charitable.

What is your relationship with God based upon ?

Yes and Yes
We all have our own path to walk. The four walls of a church are so restricting, that free loving energy that is the essence of our creator.
This then is the time to be brothers and sisters in love with life.
How do we then have this love energy be picked up in the Middle East where there is so much conflict?
Thanks Katie......Peace

Belief in God in good enough.

It's a shame they don't spend enough of it on the needy to justify their income. Stinginess and greed, what a combination.

True, yet it seems like an excuse not to even try. You would deny financial assistance to the less fortunate on the basis that money cannot help the root of their problems?

I grew up going to church, attending Sunday school, and even joined a church last year, but soon realized that like other ones I've attended, all that one did was preach about the value of giving so much of your income to the church... Most of what they taught and spoke about was giving. Yes, giving to people and charities is a good thing, most people believe and think that, but isn't church suppose to be about learning about god and his love? If so, I definitely wasn't hearing much about that in the churches I have been to.

an Ideal church is a community of people who loves and loves God. A place where people celebrate the author of love which establishes true community, true friendship, true family, and true love. That is what i imagine what churches were meant to be. Church was not a place where you feel OBLIGATED to give.... Only true giving comes from your soul/ heart. A desire to give because you love. Charity for sake of charity is empty. IF we were created in the image of GOD, we have a special genetic codes to desire such perfect loving community of love in a loveless world.

So therefore i am very weary about churches. I have a relationship with god, I talk and pray to him, but just don't think churches are what they should be nowadays.

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