boy thats a subject that starts war.

i do think where you belive in god,buda, the great spirit or just dont belive in any thing.

i think no one has the right to push thier belifes on anyone no matter who

you are or what you belive . but what really bothers me people use relinion

to controle the youth and the women. i have read of the jews that were killed becalse

of thier belife , the indians were called savages for beliving in there god the great

sprit , i belive that we ware wrong when we kill in the name of relingion.

i think ones belife shouldnt be pushed on annother . but i beivie that

we all have the right to belive and or not belive and we should all respect

one another ,we may not beive like everyone elce but its thier rights too

lets all live and let live no matter who you are . peace

lunnas lunnas
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well said !!

Yes..the issue of religion is a matter of ones choice. God almighty, the creator of heaven and earth is the only one who has the answer to this great question. It's very important that each of us respects the other as we wait for God to finally give the verdict at the end.

thank you so much Shangem,<br />
i welcome your friendship . i feel the same as a '' christan '' woman if you have any questions feel free to ask . i enjoy learning new things about diffrent people , i am one that i would ask first about the other persons belifes and you said it well we women of the U S A do get payed less and its sad to be treated like we are second . forgive me for not getting bck to your coment sonner ,ive been working on my second book: THE SHADES OF GRACE 2 , its about my life being a battred women of 20 years , and now iam happly married to a very wonderful man that adopted my daughter . i would like to add you as my friend . oh my name is Karla LUNNAS is my cats name .

everyone that has comented i thank you there are so many good points to all beliefs and bad things with all beliefs<br />
and even all religins nothing is perfect we all have a right to belive or not to belive we should respect all people <br />
and agree to disagree , some things about beliefs will never be agreeed on and if all are happy live and let live . we all have a choise to belive or not to belive and its ok good bad or indeffrent dose it really matter of you have to be right or have the right religin will it really matter tommorow? why argue . there are good and mad in all culters .

The "dark side" you speak of comes from human corruption, not the faith itself.

Don't you think it is interesting that I'm not even a Muslim? You say, "you are labouring to convince others that your way is best." Islam is not my way. And women are not treated the same way throughout all the regions of the world in which Islam is practiced. It IS true that women are treated badly in SOME places where Islam is the religion, but it's also true that there are Islamic places where women are NOT treated badly. You know about the oppression and sexism because that's what you have seen in your view of Islam; from my view of Islam, I've met many Muslim women who are happy.<br />
CC2008, I think you KNOW we don't think you are a "bad man" because you don't believe in religion. May I remind you that not even everyone here is really religious? The reason you got such a reply from jdszoke is because you've made it pretty obvious you're not here peacefully. I too have read your other stories about how you look upon Christians. This group is NOT the place for you.<br />
You don't have to respect me, CC2008, but you can at least be courteous.....OR you can at least not say anything if you don't have anything that's not rude to say. That's not what this group is about. And no, it's not about being in a fuzzy warm bubble---to be honest, there are other people who disagree with a lot of things I, or any other group member, say...but they handle it a lot better than you do. And believe me when I say this, there are things I believe that aren't all "warm and fuzzy." I don't think anyone in this group is ignorant to the hardships of life. If you don't like the way the group is run, please stop posting and disrupting the positive atmosphere we want here. People of all beliefs are welcome here who wish to talk PEACEFULLY. Those who obviously look down on other members and treat them that way are not going to be welcomed so warmly.

i agreee

That's definitely true, Shierke. Whether we want to or not, when we outwardly claim that we have certain beliefs, we become representatives of those beliefs.

Ignoring the comment conversations (cuz i do that sometimes) it seems to me that people should want to be living examples of why their religion is good. For example, i feel that my behavior reflects on Pagans and Asatru practitioners everywhere So i try to be polite, respectful, and understanding at all times.<br />
<br />
A lot of people really aren't up for being poster boards for their faith unfortunately and it not only makes them look bad but the religion they are associated with.

well spoken

Excuse me, but I don't believe you have the right to accuse me that I have no idea what I'm talking about. I've known many Muslim women over the course of my life. Perhaps, this is where we need to look and see what the Koran says about women. I would venture a guess that the treatment/respect/disrespect of women varies depending on where you're at.<br />
I have no clue where you're getting the idea that women are saved through childbearing. Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be saved; the Bible makes that pretty clear. I also want to point out what I said before, that the relationship between man and woman is symbolic of Christ and the Church. <br />
I talked to my mom about the women must be silent in church thing a few years ago when I was wondering about it. She pointed out to me that in Christ, there is really no male or female--like when we get to Heaven, some of us won't be male and some female. And when I think about it, if the Church is engaged to Christ to be His Bride, then spiritually, we're all female. Which ties back into the verses about women---as spiritual females, this is how we're supposed to act.<br />
Take it or leave it, but don't be rude about it.

"Some beliefs deserve no respect whatsoever. I won't kill a person for not sharing my beliefs but I certainly have no obligation to respect them."<br />
You can at least be courteous to the peaceful followers of a certain belief system.<br />
In Islam, have you ever talked to an Islamic woman? Most I've met would tell you that women are respected. Their bodies are covered from head to foot so that they don't become sexual ob<x>jects for the men. In more conservative Muslim groups, the only man to ever really see a grown woman's ankles is her husband. Other Muslim women are more liberal and wear shorter dresses.<br />
In Christianity, I've wondered about some passages in the Bible concerning women before. Many things in the Bible are symbolic and they teach a higher lesson. The relationship between man and woman--husband and wife--is an illustration of how the relationship between Christ and His Church is supposed to be. ("Church" here meaning every Christian.)<br />
In the Old Testament (which the Jewish bible has many of the same books), yes, the prophets are men. There are very notable women from whose lives we could learn good lessons from, women like Ruth and Esther. Everything that happened and everything that was recorded is part of the divine plan that was laid out before the foundation of the world. My pastor in the church I grew up in was a woman. Women as well as men are called to witness, called to speak out, given the gift of presenting spiritual truths to teach others. But, as Paul said, "Let all things be done decently and in order" (I Corinthians 14:40).

Unfortunately, the subject of religion often does start wars. This group was made with the intention that wars will not be started here. This is where people can be free to discuss what they believe, or ask questions if they wish, so long as they treat other members courteously.<br />
You are totally right that no one has the right to push their own beliefs on others. Humans have the great gift of free will, even sometimes when it seems there is no choice--there is always a choice to be made.<br />
I am a Christian. I talk about my beliefs, and I encourage others with them. If someone does not agree with me, I won't shut them out, but I won't get all pushy either.<br />
When the door shuts, I hope to always be able to shut my mouth along with it.