All Religons And Respect

I believe people that think their religon is the only right religon need to realize that no one is the same. The one thing we all have alike is that we are all human. No one should be treated less of a person for what they believe for who they are, what they look like or anything else that divides us. People should believe in what best completes them. for some its christanity for some its buddism and all kinds of religons are our there. We are all indeed connected to the truth by being who we are and not for what others want us to be. We should celabrate life and for all it is worth. And if you don't believe in anything its ok. people should be able to believe in what they want or if they chose to not believe in anything at all. We all are human all are connected as a people. We are each others brothers and sisters in that aspect. No race should be seen as less human or less important we are all created equal from whatever created us. whether it be nature itself ,evolution or some higher power. We were made why should we hate others there is no reason why we shouldn't have love for our fellow man.Love and  Respect is what we need.

Now I have heard about a hundred times from people that I am going to hell  I used to be a catholic but now I am a  Wiccan. Its not that they are bad people they are good people that love me and just want whats best for me. But I wish they would trust my beliefs to be right for me. Not every catholic or christian or any other religon  is going to see you as wrong . Many see that it is right for you. I think we can learn a lot from each other. I think we are all right all in our own way. But hurting people is wrong hating your fellow man is wrong. We should love and respect our fellow man. =)

Blessed be )O(

Iron Heart Raven

IronHeart IronHeart
5 Responses Feb 28, 2010

You're right. There are hundreds of thousands of religions in the world. Now, if God set these up for us to learn to worship Him properly, learn to love one another, and have useful, peaceful lives, we can only arrive at one of two conclusions: Either he failed miserably or he didn't set them up in the first place and something else is behind them. What do you think? :)

I think that you are right about people. people do change things to get what they want. Im not saying religon is evil but people change it and become corrupt. this is a good point and thats why I think I abandoned the church. I still needed something to believe in but I didn't want to be a part of the corruption. you are right I just wish people wouldn't be so judgemental

On a side note, now I can't help but wonder how an "I want to talk about POLITICS peacefully" group would go! LOL!

Love is a pillar, if not actually not part of the foundation, of many religions. It's PEOPLE who become corrupt, who twist the truth, who become hypocritical, who develop double standards, who become judgemental, who use religion to further themselves and their own purposes, to take advantage of other people. This is where we need to examine the roots of the tree and not some of the wormy fruit.

We must be related. "Religious " people can be so dogmatic intolerant and downright prejudiced. I do not understand why this is. I happen to be more of a democrat than republican but my baptist friend has no problems saying horrible things about our president and she is just so judgemental knowing i like obama. I think love should be the litmus test for the question is a particular religion good?