Still In Hell

I'm just now getting a grasp
on who I was in a relationship with. He came to me when i was very vulnerable, stuck in a bad marriage. We met online, and he was charming, poetic, and knew all the right things to say. In just three months I had left my family, even my kids to be with him. I was convinced we were going to do great things
Together. My dream turned into a nightmare within months of moving in with him. He started refusing to go anywhere with me, even to my
work events. He convinced me that he needed to have a family of his own, so I became pregnant with our daughter. He got a dog but refused to take care of it, leaving me to do it. I had a baby girl and the night i came home from the hospital he went to bed at his normal time without even saying goodnight. There I was with a baby he said he wanted desperately, yet wouldn't ever miss sleep over. He ended up getting rid of his dog once our baby started walking, because they both made a mess. I guess he figured he couldn't get rid of the baby so easily. He never showed emotion, except timely forced tears, which i came to see were fake. He is all image, and nothing deeper. I moved out with our baby two years ago, but am still going through therapy, and now he is forcing visitation, child
support on me through the courts. I'm married now and very happy, but my child is in therapy to deal with having to see him again. Turns out the first two years of living with him, the child knew already what it took me five years to figure out. He is a sociopath who is incapable of loving. He is fighting us to keep his name on our child. My husband is very much wanting to adopt the child, but he took us to court even though a full year passed without seeing the child. A judge has ordered him to get a counselor to observe his interactions with child, but that was a month ago, and he hasn't done it yet. He is still paying support, because his wages are being garnished, but not visiting due to having to get a therapist.
My husband is loving, and very interested in oir child's life. He takes her to museums, libraries, parks, and our child calls him "daddy". How or when is this nightmare going to end of
having to deal with the evilness of this
41-45, F
Sep 11, 2012