A Sociopath Destroyed My Career That I Loved/ I Read A Book That Changed Everything

I worked in a job for six years and climbed the ladder by working hard, staying late and doing all the right things. I loved my job and I had many friends. I moved up to management finally and started making a great salary. Then one day, a good friend of mine asked me if I would consider hiring her friend because her friend was going to be laid off. I interviewed the girl and she was really great, charming, complimentary, experienced etc. During the first month, the girl started dating another one of my employees in the department. Then she started playing golf with my boss. Within two months, she had befriended many of upper management and wouldnt do her job. When I attempted to extend her probation, management overturned it. The she targeted me. Each week she would send a letter to management accusing me of harassing her and at one time propositioned me for sex. I couldnt believe it. She also managed to get everyone to hate me within 3 months. People I had worked with that I thought were my friends. I couldnt believe it when she began dating my boss. Then she hid documents that messed me up. I knew what she was doing but I couldnt stop her. Finally, I was reprimanded and I resigned because everyone was turned against me. Recently, I read Eyes of a Sociopath by L.R. Sheridan and now i realize there was nothing I could have done. It really helped me.
Regina7 Regina7 46-50, M Nov 10, 2012

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