Visible Symptoms of a Sociopath

Include visible aggression and inability to hold a steady job.

They find it hard to hold on to steady relationships.

Shows lack of regret for his/her actions.

Disregard for sexual/physical well beings of others.


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Symptoms cross reference each other. IThey are still symptoms of the above, though applied to other genres.

My list : "Sociopaths US and world history," came from the site: www.thiswayupseattle.wordpress.

Walter is handling Sociopath and is using my computer to write about it.<br />
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He is supplying definitions ti help others identify with a fr<x>ame work about sociopath.<br />
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As far as serial killers go, don't contuse sociopath with psychopath. I' ll have Walter expand on thbis.<br />
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Thank for your in put.<br />

A few famous names..John W. Gacy, Ted Bundy,Susan Smith,Aileen Wuornos, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin..

Hervey Checkley wrote the classic on this topic, The Mask of Sanity. There are levels of sociopathy. Regarding IIYM's comment, there will always be high functioning sociopaths that don't get arrested, and who are actually quite good at not getting arrested. And there are institutions, religious and otherwise, who protect them. Sociopathy combined with a high IQ can be particularly dangerous combination, though the high IQ tends to bring with it a little more impulse control.

I have to challenge your concept of being a person of faith. There are many sociopaths who hide behind one form of religion or another. In fact, it is a great way to a lie with an air of virtuousness that often fools everyone. We have seen this time and time again with many religious leaders. They are outraged that anyone would question their actions because of their supposed "faith." A childhood friend of mine died by suicide when he was sixteen. After his death, it was revealed that our parish priest had been molesting him for a period of years. It was later revealed that the archdiocese demanded silence from the boy and his family accompanied with a financial incentive. I believe that this sick and perverted arrangement with the molesting priest and the archdiocese led to the dark nights of the soul which ended in the suicide of an extremely intelligent young man. So, your faith might be very important to you, but it doesn't help anyone to understand your point of view. <br />
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The more accurate truth is that we live in a great country and our culture is the envy of the world. We have not solved the very real problem of institutionalized denial, however. Our system is one where we don't prosecute the real criminals and we ruin the lives of the whistle blowers and the truth tellers with shame and ridicule. When we stop blaming others for our problems and start taking responsibility for who we are sociopaths will no longer have the cover of institutionalized denial to hide behind. Until then, sociopaths will operate with very little scrutiny.

Someone pointed out on my story that knowing the background of such a person is important and this goes right along with that. However, when people do background checks they are under the false impression they are getting a comprehensive report. That is usually not the case, especially since so often, people who move around the country get in trouble here and there but don't get charged. So, the real story lies in reports that never lead to charges and in statements which the public cannot view, generally speaking. Also, a sociopath is going to do his/her best to cover up what he/she is and lie about who they are if confronted. I have also found that it is ALWAYS someone else's fault they made this choice to hurt or that choice to harm. <br />
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As a person of faith, I found it difficult to accept the idea that some people, like those with anti-social personality disorder, cannot change. Statistics bear that out.

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I think it would help to have all the definitions in one list. It would help me anyway because I am time limited online. <br />
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I know what you are saying here is true of the sociopath I have been married to and involved with.

In that case everyone I have ever met is a sociopath.


Probably do it later. I work with 11 other pysch interns. I am sure they will come up with info.<br />
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Right now, we want to lay out guidelines in the form of definitions. It will help people to understand this topic.

Read stories here by those who define themselves as sociopaths. Those are part of descriptions. What's word is they're proud of how they hurt others.