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Prominenat Characteristics

May appear charming, witty and friendly.

These are superficial and are oftern used to blind a person to fitting into the sociopath's agenda.

retiredfather retiredfather 61-65, M 8 Responses Jul 27, 2009

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I ran into such a person nearly 42 years ago. In one month before he took off<br />
he coerced and stole money from me, raped me and gave me an STD. Still upsets me that I<br />
could've been with him even that long. I realized later that his threats were empty. People<br />
can't understand why I didn't get help. They don't understand how such people can<br />
frighten you. His wife and baby returned to him. How could she be so brainwashed? I hope they're both still alive. Maybe the hurt from him is partly reason I had brief fling<br />
with with work supervisor a year later. I felt like a doormat and worthless.

Dumbgirl3- That guy sounds like bad news. I can't say whether or not he's a sociopath, but he most definatley is a FREELOADER of the worst kind. You have learned this now, the challange is to never let a user like this, take advantage again. Best of luck.

"The only cure for a sociopath is death, unfortunately. I think they should all be identified and put away for good so they can only harm each other. This goes beyond mental illness. If evil exists, Sociopathy is it."<br />
<br />
1.) According to Harvard psychologist Martha Stout, one in every twenty-five people are sociopathic. It is a very common phenomenon; that would be A LOT of people to put away, or kill.<br />
2.) It's not a mental illness, but a personality disorder. <br />
3.) You're getting sociopathy confused with psychopathy. Sociopathy is simply when a person is without a conscience and has an antisocial personality disorder. Psychopathy is when a person has an antisocial disorder that manifests itself in a way that would be considered, in your words, "evil." Neither feel guilt or remorse or...well, anything, but a sociopath is not necessarily "evil."<br />
<br />
Dumbgirl3--I apologize for your terrible luck in your relationship with this sociopath, but that does not mean that all of them need to be locked away or that they need to die.

I agree. Someone, who is a sociopath just got back in touch with me after not speaking to me for almost 3 months. In fact, he is so delusional, that he though we weren't broken up, which is to say that leaving the country and not talking or any other form of communication just puts the relationship on indefinite hold? Until that party decides that it's time to deal with it again? There is a total disregard for the other person. A sociopath is 100% selfish, and doesn't care what about the victims needs WHATSOEVER. Who knows. He could have 4 different lives in 4 different countries. Since I have known him, he has traveled to 3 foreign destinations, never left me a phone number. Who can tell! Also, that whole year, He was with me in my apartment with 2 suitcases for 8 of those months. Never paid a dime for rent or bills, and very soon didn't even give $ for food. How then, did he travel to foreign places, with no money? Basically I agree with you Tom5150; someone like that needs to die, or be quarantined from normal society so as to not devastate any more lives. What a nightmare my life has been and I still suffer!

The only cure for a sociopath is death, unfortunately. I think they should all be identified and put away for good so they can only harm each other. This goes beyond mental illness. If evil exists, Sociopathy is it.

Shaylon,<br />
We are setting up a basis here. More will be written.<br />
Walter - Abnormal Psych - retiredfather's summer intern.

You got that right retired father. <br />
Shaylon,<br />
Insight into the agenda of a sociopath is difficult, I have found, unless one pays close attention to the things people actually say and then what they do. And, even having seen an agenda, a victim will ignore it if they have a similar goal. Agendas change for the sociopath. That is why a sociopath could have 3 marriages in 3 years and shift relationships on a dime. <br />
<br />
The one definition on this experience answers that, the just don't care how it impacts others.

Which is? Do they have a visibly identifiable agenda?