I am so lost without my brother. I am not able to do anything different other than cry, stare out the window. Be angry. And wonder where he is. I'm consumed by that thought alone. I do not believe in organized religion nor did my brother, so all I can think of is what now? I can barely find the energy to get out of bed but rarely my home. I cannot imagine smiling or laughing again, I think I forgot what it feels like. It has been 6 months but still it feels like that very day. I am weak, I cannot breathe, and it feels like being punched in the guts over and over. I am so broken
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I lost my brother Saturday, August 22 at 545am. I know that feeling of being punched in the guts. I'm 39, he was 59, and neither of us ever married and we were roommates. I am so scared without him. He was my best friend and my last decent family member. I don't have many friends. It's very hard, but I know he would want me to carry on and be happy.

I sent you a message. I too am so broken after the loss of My Sweet brother