Thanks For the Very Cold Welcome

I wont make this to long  well i will try not  to .....

I came to this site  cause i was looking for people like me people who had loved ones  in the army  or milatary . i was lost  scared  and didnt know as much as i should have i never was on my own  my husband  was my ears  i am deaf  so when he left i was very lost with two children  to keep goin  i didnt understnad much of what the army was saying i got more scared no paper work  nothing in mail so i looked on net for people like me for  people who have been there to help me through it or to get started  well i did get an answer  and it was one  i did not think i would see i was told i was a hoax  not real that i should know of things i tried to put it aside and do other things keep up my mind but it was still on my mind  i was going to pay  to stay on hear but i have to think now cause i have talked to noone i have put in things  but no nothing else i was so sure i had found people  in the same postion i was  and to be told i am not real does not say welcome to ur site  at all .. i just wanted to share  this  cause i feel i will feeel better letting it out plus it will also tell people that it is not the site  you post out to be i came for help  and got slammed  i pray everone had a good laugh at my exspence . like i said i may be deaf  but i am still an army wife i may be slow but i am still an amry wife  sara is my  name 143 is ilove you in asl  thank you  later

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well that is just awful i am sorry that some people are *** holes you are welcome here anytime .......

Hi Sara! Let me tell you, I've had my share of nitwits on here too, and I just consider the source,,they're idiots, but, everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if they come off as complete morons.<br />
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Please stay on this site, it's a wonderful way to voice your feelings, say what's on your mind, and find many who DO know what you are going through. My name is Annie, and I just want to say Welcome to EP! I have made many friends here, but you will get some nuts from time to time,, please don't take it personally,,, just enjoy the good people here and the opportunity to talk about anything. I hope you stay!!! Keep the faith my friend..

People can be so mean!<br />
It's not enough people are mean in person, now its on to the cyber world. <br />
I hope you stay on here Sara. There is a lot of good people who are here simply for support and we need as many kind and nice people as possiable. :-D

yes, i noticed that too. I imagine Sara put it here because she knew this is where all the action's been at lately lol, and she wanted it noticed.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but isn't this story a bit inappropriate for this particular group? Shouldn't this be in a group about military wives or something?

let me at 'em, LET ME AT 'EM!<br />
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Oh Sara! Please don't feel bad! The people here are very kind. Its just a few stupid bullies that feel brave when they can hide behind a computer screen. When I've come across them here I don't engage with them, I make it my business to stay away from them (this site has a blocking feature) the same way I've always done in my real life!

Good Bless you for your courage to continue to write,<br />
Theres power in numbers, And you still stand alone doesnt mean that your weak, You give us strength Knowing that you took that stand, <br />
Hope you feel better

So who's gonna fess up as the jerk who was an @ss to sara? <br />
<br />
Jeez<br />
<br />
I hope you stay and find kinder people, Sara.

Hi Sara!<br />
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I added you as a GURU! I hope you stay, its free! And 99% pure support and love. Welcome to EP.. we do not tolerate cyber bullies here.<br />
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