It Is Miracle....

it was miracle 

There is an amazing story just happen.  as you might heard about the miracle on hudson river..  the pilot saved 150 people , thoughtfully landing on the water without any huge accident..  the plane landed to he water and it is pretty close to my house.  It is just amazing story and happened on my birthday.  

amazing ... life is amazing... 

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5 Responses Jan 18, 2009

yeah SilentMisery.. dude.. this is amazing . <br />
it is pretty close to whee i live and believe me water was very very cold too. and he landed perfect on water... wow what a story.. i just can thank enough to the pilot. yes, it would be a huge tragic story press media love to write about all day and all night. but we had a god. like that... anyway thanks fr your comment. :)

hi lostntime nice to see you here. yes. i think this pilot is amazing. as i know how to fly a small plane. i can tell this is not easy thing he did.<br />
his luck and his great experience saved people. it is just miracle. it is not easy to lad in the water at all. more harder than landing with no landing gear on foot. it is just hard and he had to reduce the speed to almost flying a kite .. which is unbelievable .. for me his is like god. <br />
iand i would love to share this story with all my friends. thanks for your comment. :)

hi livingmagicall thanks for your comment.. and nicve to mmet you here.<br />
yes, this is beautiful story and i just thank him (pilot) for what he gave to us and people. yes, miracle can happen and yes the god will look after us. I just feel so good to read this miracle on hudson river.. thank you again :)

That's so cool. I love the photo at the top.

hi nightwish ... yes this is great story and i just have to thank to the pilot with his decision and his endless effort to save passengers.. amazing :)