Purpose Of Group

I started this group because I grew up on a small island and always was around boats. I now am paralysed and in a wheelchair and I am trying to get back into sailing using modified equipment.

Let's talk about how a person in a wheelchair can continue to go sailing. Experiences, gear, information.
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You give me hope. I have very little experience sailing; I used to be an avid canoeist, and always wanted to learn to sail. I did go sailing a few times before i was injured but never learned properly. I would love to learn; I would spend my leisure times on the very small lake I own part of and maybe even try the major river I am near. Once in the boat it is upper body strength that counts, and I have that.Seeing this group made my day. Thank you so much Martha.

feel free to write.

i too find that I am able to do most anything on a large boat. Don't know about smaller skiffs or J boats but with a yacht once I am on the boat it is such a small and secure environment with lots of handholds!

I think that the braces/crutches/wheelchair themselves do not belong on the boat- and I have had to reconcile myself to being carried on and off

But with good cheer and help I can get onto the boat or dinghy when I need to and then getting into the water from the dinghy is no problem at all

Docks and piers in the islands are all too unreliable for the chair so once I accepted being carried ashore I have a good time

I have thoughts on life as SCI aboard but I am not sure that anyone is really interested in them

Hi Martha - as you know I'm heavily into sailing - have my own wooden sail boat - "Nordic Folkboat" Also I have a link here under "Video" where I outrace my dad with it.
I will look into this as I know there is a project regarding designing a practical sailboat for functionally hindered persons to use - I'll come back to you on this, Martha dear.
I think the concept is like a miniature Star Boat where you sit fixed deep in the hull and have complete control over the boat within arms length reach.
Big hugs and greetings from Tonia!