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Yees I like to talk to guys about their wives, but also tell them juicy tidbits about the love of my life. The question is' what do I like to hear' Firstly I think an accurate description is a must, we men tend to be highly visual beings and need to be able to see the object of our fantasy. I like to know about the noices she makes when being pumped, the way her t i t s move as shes being ****** from behind.  when orgasming. Do her nipples change. Does she enjoy he nipples sucked hard (Ilove to see hickies on her body when she gets back, I once saw one on the back of her neck, obviously given her when being entered from behind ohhhh it drives me crazy. Does your wife mast u r bat e herself when shes su c ki ng yours or another mans co c k. when she or ga sms, do her toes curl. The list goes on and on. When you start writing thes things about your wife/gf it can can be a thrill, its almost like exposing her publicy, it also confirms your degree of cuckoldedness .

If this turns you on as much as it turns me on when sharing conversation about her intimate sexuality then I suggest that you start and give us the details.

If it's a particularly stimulating experiance, then share the aspects about your wifes actions that send you into overdrive.





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Adding you on yahoo hope to hear from you love to share pics and hear what u would like to do with/to her

I am adding you to yahoo messenger just accept and drop me a quick hello and I will get back to you. Boy can I give you some very very detailed information about my wife, for instance she closes her eyes and her mouth opens very slightly and her body stiffens when I tell her to let my friend feel her ****, and she opens her legs slightly as he squeezes them. She doesnt do anything as he gropes her until he puts his face near hers and then she kisses him on the lips.I know then that she is going to let him **** her, If you want to know how this came about and what happened that night I would love to chat on messenger I also have lots of pics as well so please reply <br />
Thanks<br />

Thanks for the comments. I can be found on mtmultitalented@ (messenger) :)<br />
Looking forward to chatting..........

after 44 years I could tell you a lot.