Outlander By Diana Gabaldon

It's supposed to be 9 books in the series, and she has written 7 of them.

I only read the first one, it's a nice story about a woman traveling back in time, and ...

Nah! I am not going to spoil it, nice book, but 9 books! I am not sure if I want to finish them!
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@ Wise owl: it was great, and though I have not read the rest I know what happens in the other books. Maybe that's why I stopped reading them.<br />
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@ Breeze Ann: I agree, but she wanted to show who was Claire, I did think Scottish but I can't think in a good accent!<br />
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@ Soft Kitti: do check them out, they are great

I still repeat many of the funny things Jamie says to Claire.." dinna fash yourself, Sassanach".my daughter thinks it's funny..she's read the series with me.The 2nd book is even more dramatic!. OMG..the stuff that happens to Jamie made me cry. He's so funny & heroic.You're right..it taks off & then you are hooked. Every book answers more questions, as they age and move back & forth thru time. I wish the new book would hurry up.

wow .. I never heard of this series I need to read them !! Thanks the recomd LV=-P

Scram spam.... Back to the Outlander series. I've read all the books..It's an amazing story. It takes Diana G. years to write one so we all sit & wait. I was hooked on the first book and will stick it out till our 2 main characters die of old age. I've spoken of & have suggested this series so many times.It's wonderful..It keeps getting better!! So much happens ..well you'll see, laugh & cry.