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I have done considerable reading in my life and am an English major, (although an unconventional one) among other things.  I had seen Oliver Sacks on TV where he was visiting people who were completely colorblind.  The book was "The Island of the Colorblind".  He also has written "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat".  I have to say that Oliver Sacks has the most divinely articulate and sensitive writing style of anybody I have ever read.  He is a doctor who apparently specializes in things like neurological problems.  I do find investigations into the brain most fascinating.  I would say one could not help but find his mind most pleasantly nourished by such a mind and style.  Truly enlightened, and enlightening.  Just pick up a book by Oliver Sacks and see where it leads you.  A most rewarding adventure!
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Years ago I had a friend who had many facets to him. He had not only been an amateur boxer but also had 5 years of college, was very interested in classical music, as well as math, and told me that music and mathematics are good together in the brain. He was done with boxing, but very much into human relations and we and others had long discussions about everything under the sun. There is SO much more to learn about the human brain, the human mind, and the soul. Can a human brain ever understand itself?

From what I have read, people who are totally colorblind have rods but not cones in their retinas - one such person is Monty Roberts, the man they sometimes call The Horse Whisperer. His story is fascinating: He believed that because of his eyesight, he could see better at night than most people. He used this ability to observe wild horses at night and in the process learned a lot about their body language. Over a period of time he developed his own method of training horses which was far more humane and far more effective than previous methods. Robert Redford's movie The Horse Whisperer was based on the book: 'The Man Who Listens to Horses". I read the book after seeing the movie, and after reading the book I saw the movie again, and it was enough to make me cry how horses have been mistreated over the centuries just because humans didn't understand them. Monty Roberts is so good he has even been asked to demonstrate his skills for Queen Elizabeth II of England. I've seen him do his stuff on TV and it is astonishing how he can quickly gain the trust of any horse.

gotta say i learned something new today. I consider myself to be pretty literate, but i'm no english major. lol. But I do love reading, easily my favorite pass time. I'm going to try to add you in my circle just so that I can always come back to this easily so that I can look up this Oliver Sacks. You guys just convinced me to read his literature, just like that. Sounds fascinating! My favorite author, although not quite as scientifically achieved as Sacks, is Orson Scott Card. It's obvious he's established, but he's also done some fascinating workshops and such on writing styles, which I thought just brought him to another level. Just another master of his domaine.

Oliver Sacks is just a physician and author. But he such a good physician, that yes, he is truly outstanding and unforgettable. He made the choice that, rather than pubish articles and become a well-known doctor, he would rather devote his life to writing so that he would never get proud. Isn't he smart? It is so tempting to get proud wen u hav so many ppl congradulating u on yr research. he didn't lead himself into temptation.<br />
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his books are wonderful. he wrote a book about ppl that like music and how they are specially, neurologically gifted to understand music in such an emotional way that they play music as the primary ex<x>pression for their love. he was so humble about his research, too.