Beloved Books

Reading started as escapism after an incident of abuse and a subconscious decision not to trust people.
I read way beyond my level of maturity at first, when I was in my early twenties, I think wishing to be 'seen' as reading certain books.
But I slowly found my way - at first to what I actually like and then to having enough confidence both to reject books that were beyond me, and then to read them with assistance from guides and books on those books.

Today I have a library in my home: a collection of modern firsts, a collection of Chinese and other Asian literature, a collection of theology, a collection of philosophy, a bookcase of biography, a bookcase of history, three of fiction and some gardening (inherited from my mother) and humour.
I have worked in the book industry on and off for twenty years and am considering the viability of my own shop at present.

Favourite authors: Patrick White and David Foster Wallace. Favourite authors and books: Ian Rankin's Rebus series, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchet, Anita Brookner, James Lee Burke, Neal Stephenson, Amis, Possession, Beloved, Riders, Rivals, Proust, Joyce, Kingsolver, Marcus Borg, Kotzwinkle, Elizabeth Jolley, Georgina Savage, Mitford...yikes, this has the potential to be way too long.

Fortunately I have two friends OS who talk books with me and we sometimes read something together and call to discuss. Fun.
Today I just keep reading, often to learn, sometimes just to enjoy. I am nervouse of the decline in reading ability and practice - the mind needs the skills it learns through reading so badly.
Samerac Samerac
Jul 25, 2010