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The smell of a book when it's new is delightful. The fragrance of the ink and the crisp pages offer excitement, the promise of a new development with every page turn. And, the musty linger of an old book, dust on it's binding and pages worn remind us that words are forever. No amount of disaster or time could destroy the words of a story. Even if the pages dissolve, the words will live on. It saddens me that technology is taking the joy of holding a book and eagerly turning the page. I am a naturalist and love all things nature and can understand it could be considered an earth saver. But, the materials used in making the technology almost never go away. Ho hum.....
I love to talk and share experiences about books with others that have read it. To gain their perspective, which is one of my favorite things about reading, it's subjective and everyone has a different relationship with the reading. And, I enjoy talking with people about books I haven't read. To see their excitement and learn about new authors I hadn't known about before.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I have always had a passion for reading. I've traveled places I'd never have gone, experienced things I'd never otherwise known, and had my eyes opened in ways that, for me, are indescribable. I love of Mice and Men, but I have to say my favorite by him is The Pastures of Heaven. It's a short story, but beautiful, if you ever have the time, you may enjoy the read :)

I don't smell the old books...but when I open them, I am careful not to crack to old leather or binding on the pages. Opened up an anthology of Steinbeck yesterday, and actually read the prologue. Four chapters into Tortilla Flats, looking forward to consuming this book and many more that have been on the shelf and unread.