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OK, this was harder than I thought but I have organized the suggestion.

I should apologize if I have some books mixed and they are not grouped in the right genre.

I have added them as comment, please vote.

I suggest we select the genre first then select a book that is available at least to most of the members. So after you voted, I will add another story to select a book or author.

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Thanks gothere You are a darling.

Thanks for your work this group will suceed because of it i am sure!

I had voted for not a penny more not a penny less..guess I will just have to wait!

Thanks for the comments, so far I have 2 books in wrong categories:<br />
<br />
The Irresistible Revolution – Shane Claiborne / spiritual<br />
Joy of nature should / non-fiction

Has anyone read 'Burnt Toast" by terri hatcher.......about how we as mothers ultimately settle for the burnt toast in life and how we can change that.......

The Irresistible Revolution – Shane Claiborne<br />
(which should probably be in the spiritual section, it is not a "religious" book persay but it is based on how the author thought he should live out his Christian lifestyle...)<br />
<br />
The Shack – William P. Young<br />
<br />
or the Harry Potter Series<br />
<br />
these three would sound good to me...but I am up for whatever...

Great selection Mahsa...thanks for all your work......I'll take a leaf (ha ha !) out of your book and organise the movie group the same way if you dont to me on whiteboard

I was just reading about "Three Cups of Tea" this morning.<br />
Greg Mortenson just received the Nobel Peace Prize 3 weeks ago for building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I want to add my thanks too! Wonderful idea and I really appreciate your time and effort!

Super job organizing, not too mention thanks for all the time this must have taken you, so really appreciated!! <br />
<br />
So voting on a genre, huh? <br />
<br />
I am into any kind of reading, but my vote is for spiritual, simply because I want to read 'The Shack' and 'A New Earth.'

Thanks I will change that later.

Thanks for joining.

Thriller / Crime:<br />
Not a penny more not a penny less – Jeffery Archer<br />
Without Remorse – Tom Clancy<br />
Womens Murder Club series – James Patterson<br />
Alex Cross series – James Patterson<br />
Frankenstien – Mary Shelley<br />
The Broker– John Grishom

Spiritual:<br />
The Shack – William P. Young<br />
Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert<br />
The Power of kabbalah – Yehuda Berg<br />
Advanced Chakra Healing – Cyndi Dale<br />
Energy Ecstasy – Bernard Gunther<br />
Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming – Catherine Shainberg<br />
The Essential Kabbalah – Daniel C. Matt<br />
Joy of Nature – Reader's Digest<br />
A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle<br />
True Believer – Nicholas Sparks<br />
Victoria Laurie Psychic Investigation books<br />
Dinner with a Perfect Stranger – David Gregory

Sci-fi / Fantasy:<br />
DA-DA-DE-DA-DA Code – Robert Rankin<br />
The Day of the Triffids – John Wyndham<br />
The Road – Cormac McCarthy<br />
The first chronicle (Lord Foul's Bane, The Illearth War, The Power that Preserves) –Stephen Donaldson<br />
The robot series (Caves of Steel, Naked Sun, robots of dawn, robots and empire) – Isaac Asimov<br />
The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett<br />
American Gods – Neil Gaiman<br />
Belgariad series – David Eddings<br />
Crystal Palace – Phyllis Eisenstein<br />
Emily Rodda<br />
Poul Anderson<br />
Larry Niven

Nonfiction:<br />
Bravo Two Zero – Andy McNab<br />
The Irresistible Revolution – Shane Claiborne<br />
The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama<br />
Dreams of My Father – Barack Obama<br />
A Brief History of Time – Stephen W. Hawking<br />
The prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder – Vincent Bugliosi<br />
Three cups of tea – Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin

Fiction / Magic:<br />
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke<br />
Harry Potter Series – J. K. Rowlling<br />
Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien<br />
Ann Rice

Fiction / Drama:<br />
The Book Thief – Markus Zusak<br />
Are You Afraid Of the Dark – Sidney Sheldon<br />
Kitchen – Banana Yoshimoto<br />
Plum Spooky – Janet Evanovich<br />
Kim Edwards – Memory keeper’s Daughter<br />
Wednesday Letters – Jason F. Wright<br />
Tami Hoag

Romance:<br />
Every Breath You Take – Judith McNaught<br />
Catch 22 – Joseph Heller<br />
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen<br />
Zoo Keepers's wife – Diane Ackerman<br />
Jane Austen<br />
Charlotte & Emily Bronte<br />
Kay Hooper<br />
Iris Johanssen