The Shack By William P Young

Abstract: It's the story of a grieving father who spends some time with God in the shack that the "great sadness" occurred (his little girl was Murdered).

The beginning: I have a six year old daughter, so I felt the family crisis in the first chapters. The love and understanding in these chapters were real and tangible. Then came the latter from God. So beautiful, I would love to receive a letter from God.

The bad part: Then Queen Latifah showed up as GOD, "What!!!!" it was really hard to convince myself to finish the book. The shack is not spiritual but religious, it is an ad for catholic church. The clumsy Jesus, cliche of a laughing loving family having lunch together, and passive God that had no power to do anything got on my nerves a bit. I love my God's strength. Here God was more of a shrink working on Mack's problem, step by step she lets him solve his problem. God only listens!The part that Jesus said I was with the little girl while she was murdered and she was brave, made me puke.

The Good Part: I could see Paulo Coelho's influence in the story, and part of it reminded me of "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. I loved the idea of human trinity religion, politics and economy. It had a closure, really optimistic one.

Conclusion: It was a good book. I recommend it to everyone. It talked about love, forgiveness and if you want something done, do it yourself. God is in you, and passive!

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Thank you for sharing your view. I completely agree, it was a good book to read and worth the effort. But some parts were hard to relate to!

I read this while I was sick, and I agree with MahsaTb....there were some parts that I had to force myself through, but in the end it was worth it. the idea of losing a child scares me to death, and I also prefer my God to be proactive, as I believe He really is.<br />
<br />
I am not sure what I want to read interests are so many!!

I shall read it, they called it harry potter and the holocaust!

I have the book thief, I am going to read it, when I find some time!!

Thank you for your review! Iam awaiting this book from the library. An currently reading The Book thief.

I am waiting for you comment.