1001 Must Reads

I found this article, and it says 1001 books you must read before you die, I had only read about 300 of them! so I should read about 20 book per year to catchup!



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@ Checquers, I agree, I didn't see some of my favorite nobel winners in it! But some are good<br />
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@ Ques: thank you, with your suggested books I rather spend the summer reading too.

@ Ques: thanks for visiting, 4 books for each month is a lot, hope you make it

@ XkittyLoveX: it's OK, even those with masters in literature have not read much of the list.<br />
<br />
At first, I was pretty shocked myself, but now I know better.<br />
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Thanks for reading this

You are definite OK, and a book worm. Wow!

i can read 10 in one day i mean i can read harry poter the whole colection in 2 days only and do you mind if i asked ? i read 4002 and a half until now is it okay ? or am i a BOOKWORM ?

@ smiling Sue Ann, thanks, I knew you would enjoy it as I did.<br />
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@ Gothere: you can find some of the old ones on Gutenberg, I posted the link on the free e-book story

Way cool list. Now i have a new list to start working my way through. PITY MY BANK ACCOUNT! HE HE HE!

FABULOUS list, honey!!! Makes my mouth water!!! Thank you so much!

Thanks angel, Its a good list, check it out.

really?thanxs for telling,i ll check it out

I was shocked!<br />
<br />
Now that I know even you haven't read it all, I feel much better, thank you for sharing.

I was surprised at just how few of the books on the list I've actually read.<br />
<br />
I have a major in Eng. Lit & Modern Languages !<br />
<br />
I wasn't until I scrolled down to the 17th & 18th century<br />
that I began to recognise many of the titles

Even 10 is acceptable, just share the list please.

1001? Don't hold your breath ;-)

I would love to see your list, please share it when you prepared it.

Don't sweat it. I've read books that were on the list and I've read books that weren't. I don't see much difference.<br />
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I might even start my own list!

@ bugsy: thanks for checking it<br />
<br />
@ BlueHaiku: was there any similarities between the books in this list and the book in your library?<br />
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@ Robert: I was so upset, I thought I was a well read person! now I have to wish for a really long life to catchup! I have been reading cheap books!

It's an interesting list. But then I'm the kind of guy who finds lists interesting.<br />
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I've read 24 of those already, so I think I have to read about one a week. As long as no new books are published in the next 20 years I should be fine!

Thanks for that site mention...I signed up and found all kinds of stuff!!! *hugs*

We have a book at the library that is exactly that title.....

Thanks that was nice.