June Poll

Well another month, and so another poll. First I should thank you all for your participation and suggestions. This month we have a group of suggestions from last poll, a group of best fiction novel suggestions for summer 2009 and a group of best mystery novel suggestions for summer.

Special thanks to Ques.


Last Poll Suggestions:

1. "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown

2. "The Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright

3. "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by Kim Edwards

4. "The Devil's Labyrinth" by John Saul

5. "Earth Abides" by George Stewart

6. "The Devil's Teeth" by Susan Casey


Best Fiction Novels:

1. “The Scenic Route” by Binnie Kirshenbaum

2. “Follow Me” by Joanna Scott

3. “Castle” by J. Robert Lennon

4. “The Good Parents” by Joan London

5. “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn


Best Mystery Novels:

1. “The Shanghai Moon” by S.J. Rozan

2. “The Way Home” by George Pelecanos

3. “The Scarecrow” by Michael Connelly

4. “Awakening” by S.J. Bolton

5. “Black Noir: Mystery, Crime and Suspense Fiction by African-American Writers” edited by Otto Penzler

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22 Responses Jun 1, 2009

@ Stella: great choice, I add that to my list too<br />
<br />
@ BBs Raccoon: great choices, why don't you get it from library?

Thank you for participating, great choice

"The Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright

Thank you Robert, hope to see your review soon

Please put me down for Angels and Demons. I'm already up to page 74 :)

@ Luv of a life time, thanks<br />
<br />
@ Checquers: thank you, I will add it to the next poll, and if you add a review when you read it we could talk about this.

thank you

I heard a lot about Sparks, I will definitely add this book to the next poll. Thanks

i just order a book offline by nicholas sparks called the lucky one. hopefully i will get it soon and tell you all how it is?

@ Stella Kowalski: thanks for your opinion, I agree about the age of the book, but not all books should be meaningful, some are mere entertainment, and maybe meaningless.<br />
<br />
@ Checquers: I won't argue with you as you know better than me, and I am not going to defend Dan, he has his own lawyers, just suggest a better book and I will add that to the net poll.

@ Luv of a life time: It's so good to have you here, the thing is I get some suggestions from you, and every other member, and then I post them in the beginning of a month so everyone can say what they think, you can choose a book from the list or suggest you book then you can write a review about the book you read, and all those who read the book will comment

im new to this. What would i have to do to join you guys? If its ok with you?<br />
i love reading to

The idea was driven from a historian's book who sued him later, it was not his idea.<br />
<br />
Suggest something please

Thank you all for you comments, I will andd deception point for next poll

I too agree that Angels & Demons was even better than The Da Vinci Code. The Wednesday Letters is a quick, interesting read. My Mom & I enjoyed discussing it.<BR><BR>Thanks again to Lord V. for keeping our book club going! :)

Quite fancy angels and demons , and Castle ....

Resem9, I agree...! Angels and Demons are way better than The Da Vinci Code. Lots of what's gonna happen next in Da Vinci but that's it.<br />
<br />
Angels and Demons has more 'weight', if I may say so :)<br />
<br />
I haven't been keeping up with new novels these days but for Dan Brown's fans I think I'd recommend Deception Point.

"The Shanghai Moon"<br />
Thanks LV.

Thanks my friend-Flour

Thank you very much for suggesting the books and thank you for participating

@ Resem: thanks for your suggestion, I was planning on reading it, now it's my june choise.<br />
<br />
@ Ques: thanks for perticipating, you can only choose one, you can choose as many as you want, or you can suggest something from the list, ir you can suggest something you have enjoyed reading and I will add it to the next month poll.<br />
<br />
Thank you

I have read Angels and Demons and I must say it was quite fanttastic. I liked the Davinci Code but in my opinion this was much better. The story was far more enticing and suspenseful. Plus the little history factoids are always really interesting. I love to check to see how much of it is actually true :) All around I'd give it a 4 out of 5