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Hi friends ,

I am a voracious reader of books . I have read all types , light romance and classical.

Presently I am reading Nore Roberts Rising Tides . I have read  two books of the Trilogy . The characters are awesome. .However my favourite is Daniella Steel. I have read most of her books ,

I also love jane Austen's book . I never feel bored reading Pride and Prejudice . I love Darcy.

There is no end . I am just crazy after books.

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Thanks all for your kind comments . Even though English is not my native language I love it

like an adopted mother.


Hi! I live in Russia and the books of Daniel Still are very popular in our country. I've seen many of screen version of her novels.

And, of course, Darcy is an Ideal! :)

Thank you for your post and I'm sorry for mistakes (English isn't my native language).

Good Luck!

Such great list you have here, I love Nora Roberts as well, she publishes her crime books under the name JD Robbs and I love that as well

I have read most of Daniel Steel as well, and I think everyone is in love with Darcy.

Thanks for the great post