My Girlfriend

I'm bi and I'm in love with a girl at the moment. I love her very much and we've been together for almost four months. But my family doesn't know about it and I don't know how to tell them.... It's horrible.
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I understand your situation. I'm gay and still haven't told my parents. <br />
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If you feel you're not ready to tell them, then don't. Tell them when you're ready.<br />
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Or if you're in a humourous mood you could bring your girlfriend over for dinner and introduce her to them saying, "Mom, dad, this is my girlfriend." Haha, I'm just kidding. <br />
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Just take it slow, tell your mom and/or dad you have something to tell them and just say you've been dating this girl and that you're bisexual. However, you should also look for hints. If they're openly anti-gay your best bet would be to not tell them until you know you can be on your own--just in case the worst happens. <br />
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All in all, just follow your heart. You'll know inside when it's right to tell them.<br />
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Hope that I helped you maybe a little bit amidst all this rambling. :P

maybe you could drop hints and let them work it out for themselves