Getting To Know Your Ticklee/ler

When I introduce myself to any women that have a fetish for being tickled or for tickling if there is a connection we usually on line chat to get to know each other for a fair amount of time. The second step for me is always telephone chatting. I just love getting to know people, finding out what makes them tick. Hearing a woman's giggle as we cyber or discuss experiences we've had, fantasies we want to fulfill and random, vanilla topics is very comforting. Hearing a voice is so much more personal than reading an email.

It's always great to have a feel (pun intended) for what a person is like before a physical meeting is set up because it puts you both more at ease with each other and more times than not you really do find out if the person on the other end of the telephone or computer is as passionate about your fetishes as you are and if they are "for real".

I always find first physical meetings whether they are just to have a drink or dinner or a play date or both to be a lot more fun, open & relaxed because of this process and also find that my tickling relationships with women become long term ones not one night tickle stands beause most of the cards have been put on the table before you actually meet to play.
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3 Responses May 18, 2012

I agree 100%,but so many adies are too afraid to talk on the phone.I love just hearing the word tickle spoken.

Yes I truly think makes for very comfortable play dates.

good way to go about it. You really get to know someone before you meet them.