Archetypes, Symbols, & That Feeling "you're In The Right Place At The Right Time"

Hopefully you're not in the right place at the wrong time. Or the wrong place at the right time. If you think you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Get out of there now! I'm not sure if what i dwell on is philosophy per se. Spirituality? The Tao, perhaps. Was Buddha a philosopher? Paramahansa Yogananda?

I have to think there's a few different types of philosophy: There's "The Big Picture". Expansion of the Universe, Big Bang Theory... how we're all composed of cosmic dust. Unique creatures that just happened to develop this thing in our heads that could really put a spin on the whole "eat, sleep, survive by making offspring" cycle that has been going on since, since... well, since whenever those little bacterium next to some thermal vent in the ocean started to multiply. You want philosophy? try grasping what light speed is.

And then there's day to day philosophies. Morals, "Natural Law". If you don't know what natural law is, an example: Two people are on a deserted island. And you have a loaf of bread (don't ask where the loaf came from probably Ebay, Amazon, or Craig's List) One person breaks the bread in half, the other chooses which half to take. (Or kills the guy and eats the whole thing but that's not where I'm going with this.) "The Golden Rule" is another of those natural would think. But here slips in perception. We all have different perceptions of how the events in life should transpire. Different philosophies if you will. Republicans/Democrats, Christians/ Muslims, Mods/people who would never get a tattoo or piercing.

Personally, my philosophy is simple. And if had to footnote where i got it from it would be The Bhagavad Gita, Swami Kriyananda's translation and interpretation from Yogananda's notes. I would like to one day be UNable to differentiate between what most people consider polar opposites: Heat/Cold, Love/Hate, Sex/Celibacy, Good/Bad etc. To me that would be bliss. I'm getting there too, slowly but surely. Progress, not perfection, mind you the goal and barometer. And yes, just when i think i got something figured out. I find out that i know nothing about it.

The whole reason i pursue submission is to try and remove myself from discretionary thought. And who would of thought being a slave (in the context that i am labeled as such) would be so freeing? To quote the Grateful Dead's Song, Morning Dew, which always used to just blow me away in concert and have me peaking united with the cosmos (perfect place, perfect time)

"It doesn't really matter anyway"

So that's where i'm at. I find solace in impeccable timing. Not because of a watch or plan, simply because it occurs naturally. A car overheats in the desert and there just happens to be a well nearby.

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"Which raises the question how do we get more luck?"<br />
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Of course, i'm trying to get to the point where it's neither good luck or bad luck, it's just "luck". But by that token, then i guess maybe i should be striving for experience equally random and manifested with intent (both with positive and negative outcomes)<br />
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"Kids will do something and if they fail at it they'll keep trying; adults will do something and look around and say did anyone see that? Ok I'm never doing that again."<br />
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As for being an adult, well, that's another "fine line beyond which you really can't fake". i would think that i want to be as a child and still try to do something again in hopes of success, but upon too many failed attempts, admit insanity and then stop doing do it, rather then trying once, figuring "No way", and stopping instantly. There's something to be said for naivete, innocence, or "dumb luck". <br />
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Currently, i've been Introducing more discretion into my current mode of thinking. Gone may be the days of "going with the flow" and passing judgment after the fact, purely from a reactionary stand point. Does that mean i'm growing up? <br />
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Ugh. i wish it were Spring, i'd go fly a kite. But next rainstorm? Damn straight i'm going to go jump in some puddles.

I always like how when I invent something and send it to Davison for production or win $5,000 at the casino on a slot machine people say how lucky I am, or that I'm blessed, or I was in the right place at the right time. God can bless me all day long but if I never take action those blessings will never realize their full potential. The only difference between me and other people is I ask a lot of questions and take action and if something doesn't work I don't give up pursuing my goal. Being attributed to luck or the right place at the right time always seems to happen after the "lucky" event in a post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this threfore because of this) fashion. I have yet to meet anyone who can tell me where the right place at the right time is before the event happens. I can't predict an event before it happens but historically speaking those who take action often succeed where other people just ***** a lot. But it may be a part of our nature to try and figure out how an event happened after it occurs. We have done this throughout history. But I think it's silly to ascribe an event to some vague concept like luck without proof and imply that if we just had more of it our dreams would come true. Which raises the question how do we get more luck? And nobody seems to know. In my experience when I take action to reach a goal my efforts are usually attributed to luck and it appears to me that unlucky people are either lazy or afraid to fail. Kids will do something and if they fail at it they'll keep trying; adults will do something and look around and say did anyone see that? Ok I'm never doing that again.