How It All Began

I can easily trace back my obsession with large breasts back to the year 1988.At the age of 15/16, I probably looked older then than I do now due to a very hairy face. I developed a full moustache and goatee early, and could pass for 18. We had an adult bookstore that had open magazines on the shelf and allowed you to flip through the magazines. One day I went in and there was a magazine called Fling on the shelf, and on the cover was Titanic Tina Small, with the bibbest breasts possible in a shirt. they were listed at 84 EEE. Later I found them to possibly be fake, but the image was good enough to start up my fantasy. Them came the magazine called Juggs, and Suzie Sparks. She was magnificent. Huge natural breasts became my obsession. There were superstars such as Miss Twin Towers, Miss Twin Volcanoes,Lotta Topp,Roberta Smallwood, Candy Samples, and many others.I was facinated. Then the story of Isabelle Lanthier came out in the tabloids which was real, and gave me the image of Gigantomastia. From then on, I kinda went on a quest to be around boobs that big.My obsession grew 10 fold when th magazine SCORE came out, and the era of huge fake breasts was born. By that time I really was 18 and I even got a subscription to score and would even order the videos out of the back. During those years, I think I made it to where only Bigger Breasts turned me on,and I wouldnt even consider any woman smaller than DDD cup. The image of the bulging shirt is what does it for me. Through the years I got to see some of those score girls live at the ***** clubs, and got to touch them. I even got a collection of pics and autographs with them. From there, I have been on another (unsuccessful) quest to meet and court a woman with very large breasts. The closest I got was I became good friends with a ******** in Myrtle Beach named Andora. She had huuuge Mcup implants. I wanted to make a relationship, but it didnt work out. She had two kids, and was always busy, and I messed up and it didnt work. Her implants arent there anymore, and I think she has a liver disease now, but thats another story. So now I have a fetish site on clips4sale that will cater to huge breasts. I pay up to 500 dollars for big breast erotica clips and have become good friends with many big breast stars. I am also on southercharms/gents and meet alot of swinging couples and get to play, but I would still like someone for me. I am at that age. The bigger the better.----thanks---Sean
seanallens seanallens
36-40, M
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You might be the closest I've known to similar experiences. Chin up, I'm sure there are girls out there for us yet. It's a big world and we're all connected now.