Too Much Wisdom...

I need to talk to a man wiser than me. I seem to understand some things that others cannot maybe because of the intense pain that I have encountered. It would be great if I can talk to someone wiser than me who have conquered pain and is clear-minded free from bias of political, cultural or religious views. Maybe younger or older than me, doesn't matter. I seem to have good wisdom for my age but I am not strong enough not to be influenced by this world and it's evil. Many people hate me for whatever reason I did not do. I am not a bad person and don't want to be. I always try my best to stick to happy thoughts but sometimes the anger inside me wants to burst out, which is btw I am constantly letting go. I always feel I am trapped. I don't know...

I don't believe in god but I think the Bible is a very very good book not to be taken literally though. When I am sad, I always think of heaven where pain is non-existent, where I want to live forever, where ironically I don't believe is real because I don't believe in the afterlife. I have a quite deep understanding of existence. I hope somebody can help me out. I am a composer, pianist, violinist, flutist, and a geek. I don't want to waste my life but all these thoughts just make me want to rest forever. Especially in this hard times. Oh well... I hope I'll finally find one wise man. I just want to be a normal person not a loner but it's just difficult to belong... there are so many narrow-minded people here, not to mention stupid. Or maybe I'm the stupid one. Well, there's always right and wrong. Two sides of the same coin.

Anyone who has similar thoughts, please share them. Thanks.

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Hello my level 5 tribe brother!!!! Well, I really enjoyed those three links and the other link with Ted. I would love to speak with you! I kind of saw the light in 1993, when I accidentally read the book Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss. I am not religious, (although my parents tried all denominations, to include the World Wide Church of God- simliar to the 7th day adventist) but quite spiritual. I believe in God, due to personal experiences, which I know was an intervention and I have had visions too...saving other's lives as a result.) Anyway, you have wisdom and you are not a normal person (Why, normal would be a tribe 3...maybe even lower.) and that is a good thing, you are on a higher level and hope for people to be on the same level which is common sense to you...but not to others. I have found reading a lot of new age books, and meeting people of the higher level we are on, brings peace and stops the rage. <br />
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Stay strong and blessing brother!

See. this is what I'm talking about. First of all thank you for your answers, but they are not good enough. No religious opinions please. Don't get me wrong, I've been there before. I'm sorry but you didn't get the point. Please exempt me from your evangelical stuff. I need someone who is not religious but is spiritual. Who can disregard everything after knowing so much knowledge about life, science, religion, politics and everything. If you are a philosopher (not religious) then I think you can answer. <br />
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I am sorry but I am so sick and tired of those open-your-heart-to-god people. I need reason please.I am not a loser. If you are religious and somehow want to "talk" to me. Don't Instead please watch these videos below. They are similar of my thoughts. No need to argue because it doesn't help and I don't want it. Thanks.<br />
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P.S. I was under the company of nuns when I was young. I respect everybody's beliefs. I just don't want religious views in here please.