He Has Heard You The First Time When You Asked Him The Same Question Over And Over Again.

So, you want to talk to God. Well... Then just talk. No matter if you'll talk to Him in your mind or out loud - He will hear you, as long you have talked to Him with your heart. He can talk back in many ways, too. It's not about who can hear God or who God is tlaking to, it's about who is listening. But God will always listen to you, no matter what way you chose to talk to Him.. as long you use your heart, too. 
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Just very importment for u...Just yourself try keep read the bible book.Be patient til u will feeling find feel hear from God speak or u can prayer talk to God in your private in room or anywhere...None see u..Will u feel move on,God will give lead u moving where go...Then u will know..Please don't fear okay.U need open your heart show God love..Or u can go to church or asking who your family or friends who is christian..U can asking question much talk them..They sure happy will help tell u about that..I hope u will big enjoy want more listen be great...Thanks God alway love u and blessing

Well, sometimes (but it's rare..) I feel like God is telling me to read a specific part of the Bible, He tells me that in a dream most of the time, or it's a 'feeling' and I read it, and then I drop on a chair and realize there is the answer to a question I had.. wow..<br />
<br />
blessings xxx

Yes..That true..I do feel heard understand what did God say to me..I did catch try understand what he say..But it,s beaustiful i love want more God keep speak to me and too beaustiful songs..I asking u question..Did when u open the bible book can u feel God speak to u and too the bible book speak to u from God..Whoa..How much God IS AWSOME wow..I still keep stay heart love recpect to God