Dear God Please Listen

Dear God,
Please i am sorry for all my sins..i regreat it..please bring back rupal..i cannot live without her...i love her very much..i will go mad sir please...

Forgive me forgive me ...i will never ever try to hurt her now..please god lissen to my prayer..only you can help me..

i know i was wrong..but what should i do cannot take her away please please..she my life.

God she is very angry she had left me and now dont want to come again also..please god make her mind change and give me my old rupla back..who use to love me alot.

please god..if you want me to do something i will do ...but atleast let me know..

please god i will not ask for any other favour..
i will achieve all my dreams on my own from hard work..jus gimme this favour.

thank you
harshadhj harshadhj
2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

I hope Jesus God whatever it is you find your spiritual faith in is there for you. They say God dosent give you more then you can handle. Keep the faith.

Amen... May God give you your love back... I'll pray for you..