Thanking God :d :d

I your daughter want to thank you for each and each moment and you made me happy and showed me your magic by ur creativity of world i feel each and each part of ur creature right from ur air and animals leaves trees and also the land which iam standing and gave me what all i needed and iam happy for it....i jst want that give me strength to care for evryone and be kind and help each and each one who needed me or come to my way for help ....i love my family and i loved the people who came in my life...sometimes pain is also realise but i dont get upset bcoz its ur love to feel the feelings more stronger or may to change the way n want to make stronger.i jst want to say you thank thank you very much if u needed me i will alwase listen n follow you ,ur my lord and iam ur child ,,,sometime we people also hurt you and disrespect ur rules for that iam really sorry iam really sorry i regret for all things we do...i dont want to make our world bad...people are using and behaving very selfish sometimes but they love u sometimes they dont realise what they are doin n so u too get hurt iam sorry god for my mistakes please guide me n i do whatever you want iam ready for all pains but trust me n dont ever leave me bcoz without u iam nothing in dis world my identity is you and your love...all my life i needed you and ur love ......LOVE YOU GOD I MISS YOU EVRY DAY
Aplihs Aplihs
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012