Dear Know My Self...!!

dear god ..when i goes on deep thinking abt crimes often occur in the world,all pateints suffering from many types of deseases.
there pains ..and lots more just llike street beggers ,mentally vanished peoples...
i always feel whats is life..all cheaters in this world cheating there feelings there worship, thier innocent trust and love... i just cant bear all these thing..
I always think about all why thats are happens in the world. why peoplle kill onther one so rudly.......these all thing drag me on deep thinking... inssan ko janam ek baar milta hai marata hai ek baar
kuch din mein kuch mahaine mein kuch sallo mein usko mar jana hai..then why they are nto happy
why they are sad and
q log pase k piche bhagate ahain
unko pata hai ki hum log ek na ek din marne awale hain ahi to q unko jo chahaiye un k pichhe bhagte rahte hain...can u give me answer and guide me please and tell em why all things inthis world are happning...
pushprakesh pushprakesh
26-30, F
Jan 22, 2013