If I Could Only Hear Your Voice

I want to talk to God.  I want to get answers.  I thought I could pull of life by myself.  I was wrong.  I keep making stupid mistakes, hurting others and myself.

I have no direction, no more ideas left.  I am lost.

I left God a while ago, because I wanted to make it on my own.  I wanted to live my own life for myself.  I have suceeded in making myself miserable and insolated.

I wish I could talk to God.  I wish I could tell him that I am sorry, that I was wrong.

He keeps trying to call me back into the flock, but something holds me back.

I wish I could see, I wish I could hear.   I feel like I am groping around in the dark for something but I do not know what I am looking for.

I do not know what I want.

I keep making mistakes

I wish I could hear God`s voice...someone to put me back on track...

bluepilot bluepilot
5 Responses Sep 12, 2009

G-d's voice is always there, most people can't hear it. however seeing G-d's action is really easy if you're attuned to it.

I know what you mean. We all make mistakes and wonder what we are here for but remember this, God knows what we are here for. He made us wonderfully and beautifully made to serve Him with all our heart & soul. Just like us, he wants to hear from you too. You were made in HIS image. I can't wait to see Him and meet Him in heaven but I know he has put a plan for me here on earth to do His will, His handiwork. Our goal should be to serve Him with all our abilities, if it be preaching, teaching, taking care of the orphans, widows, brokenhearted, living our best life in service to Him. God's voice is the spirit in you that yearns for purpose and answers. He hears you ever day, longing for you to see His plan for you. Your voice is a sweet melody to Him. Sing with all your heart. He is listening.

the thing is my child that we all are here to make mistake, and from that it is the only way that we get closer to him, the same way that you talk and post that comment is the same way that you need to express yourself and the beautiful thing is that God already heard you, the time that you are wasting regret is the same time that I want you to put focusing on his word, every one goes through the same thing and take it one day at a time, Remember Jesus is coming for sinners and he Loves us. Don't try to understand and figure out everything, just do your best to at pleasing him

I used to ask God to tell me what to do. I would ask him what I was suppose to do with my life. This went on for years. Then I realized that people often asked me if I was a doctor. I always responded that I was not, nor did I have any plans to be one. I finally thought maybe this was God trying to tell me what to do, and he was speaking through these strangers. So I went into the medical field and am happy. <br />
<br />
The point is, maybe you are not listening correctly.

I feel like I am in the EXACT same spot. The best thing I do is put on some worship music and just start talking to Him. He's there, He's listening, He's waiting for you with open arms, ready to embrace you.