Don't want to talk about the past only but it seems like a good place to start.

Spent a lot of time outside growing up and I think young people now are missing out on that. It seems like we were always hiking, camping, fishing, partying, things like that.

I graduated high school in Denver - 1981 after a very good childhood. Things have gone downhill ever since lol. No, I have employment, decent health, a house and a few things. I'm divorced and live in Illinois. I'm satisfied with my life except finances could always improve.

My daughter (16) and all her friends are straighter than I was because I wanted to party some... I never started parties but I was always a willing participant, just a little drinking usually. But I was a "good" girl, got good grades and was the first person in my family to graduate college.

My first car was a Galaxy 500 don't remember the year. It was a tank! After school I watched Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heros and Jeannie. On Wed. nights I watched Little House on the Prairie, still love it.
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Little House is on every weekday at 5pm on Hallmark channel :D

I had a Dodge Coronet 440, it looked like a refrigerator on four wheels, but I loved that car!

the Ford Gallaxy 500 was a sweet car !

I enjoyed reading about your growing up experiences. Thanks for sharing

I love Little House! I watch it pretty much every day. I'd love to reminisce about the old days anytime. Especially the 80's..

I watched the same shows after school. Happy memories indeed!

You sound like a resourceful lady. I believe Illinois is very beautiful and I hope to see that part of the world one day. All those shows we used to watch - they bring back happy memories. My sister was in hospital in those days so we would just have enough time to have a snack, do our homework, then go to visit her, as she was in for over a year. So the times we got to watch those shows were a bit of a treat. (Not that I ever begrudged visiting my little sister, I should addd.)

She has Perthe's Disease.