First Love'd And Failed

first peeping into college ,first time to hostel life all done in a hurry,just packed off without any advices which i had much was an atmosphere much dreaded and which inturn turned out to be true.suddenly feeling all alone and let free.i gad been brought up the way spoon fed and have to always live my parents life,so i never knew decision making or to identify good friends.and at last in college found a saviour,gini ,yes thats what she meant to me.she was truely mature in everything and well yes she guided me well at first,i was too innocent ans thus had developed a large gang of friends.but gini wasnt so,she never used to get along with anyone so she was always with me.the end result we two became so close,she was so close to me,so close ,need i say more our relationship even extended sexually.she was too possesive on me and hated when i talked with anyone else,as a result i had to give up all ,yes all my friends,i was madly in love with my saviour gini..i loved her so much,i forgot my family,friends,relations,,everyone,,even God.....................everything was goin on good,,,,one fine day..our first year results were out ,gini had passed and had been promoted to the second year but i had i dont blame her or this event didnt sadden me at all,what did was what followed,..gini started to move away from me,she started to hate me ,and then she left me,i cried ,pursuaded her ,did all sort of thins that i cud forego for her,but she left me
i was left all alone
i felt my whole world was falling apart,everyhting going blank,
there was no one for me,my friends were not there,my education was gone,even gini
then i turned to my family,,,then to GOD
he gave me the strength to bear everything,the strength to move forward
now 7 years have passed but this confession i wanted to make,to someone
to someone who cud spare time for me
daughterof daughterof
2 Responses Nov 5, 2010

i think the best way to overcome any sad memory is to forget it <br />
you have to think for your future and your life and do not blame your self on something that had passed already as the time will never go back and it doesn't matter what happen but the important things is that to learn from your mistakes and try to avoid it later and make this experience improve your characteristic and personality and increase your confidence instead of any remorse

You story of how she separated you from your family and friends is very common in a controlling and dominating,relationships. It is also used in in an abusive, relationships of all types. It sounded to me, as I read your post that the was a lot of control placed over you, as well as at least some amount of mental, and emotional abuse. Think back through the relationship with the hind site you now have about it and see if you can find any places where you might find that it did happen to you. Most people who are in such a relationship, both men and women, cannot see the emotional, and controlling, abuse until after they are out of it. I wish you well and pray for god to guide you to a better future.