I Want To Feel Loved

I'm 17 years old and I found out about two years that i'm gay , so that make me feel so alone coz i can't get a girlfriend because i'm gay and i'm not interssted and i can't get a boyfriend bacause my community doesn't except this .. i want a partener so badly to feel that i'm important , to feel alive ,to share my stories and my sorrows ,to be sure that i have someone to rely on , i have a shoulder to cry on , to be sure that i have somebody catch me when i fall ... I'm telling my story just because I can't hide it anymore and I want to get off my chest all those ideas and stories .. and which make me more dessperate that I know that i will never feel loved .. please I want a solution for my gay problem I wanna be normal !!
amiin amiin
May 18, 2012