I Wish There Were Someone Who Loved Me Enough To Listen...

My life is falling apart and I found out my best friend and boyfriend were flirting and falling in love behind by back and my boyfriend was leading me on. My family filed bankruptcy, the bank is taking our house and my parents are divorcing and I am behind in school. I have no friends that aren't related to the BFF/Bf situation and my only other friend is 6 years older than me and lives an hour and a half away. my family hates me and I hate my life...I wish someone were out there to listen to me and be my confidant and not try to tell me they understand, but just be there for me and love me through it and hold me up.
stharleigh stharleigh
3 Responses May 23, 2012

hi dear how are u

same here. i like to be there for people if or when needed

I will listen. I certainly don't understand. I have a few things in common there, but I don't know how that feels.