I Want That Special Some One

Now when I say that I want that special some one its not a boyfriend its a best friend. Some one who I can always trust, who will always try to cheer me up, who is not afraid of telling me the truth, who I can completely  be myself, who will never take advantage of me, some one who loves me a lot, who would never break my heart, who will keep all my secrets to themselves and not tell anyone about them and some one who understands and accepts me. I know most of you will take this as a joke and move on but if that person is out there some one I promise that I will do all these things for you in return. 
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Hi I am 16 and I guess if u want someone to be friends with, then I guess I'll try to be a friend. LOL! I laugh a lot ( so I will be putting down a lot of LOL's later on if we chat ^_^) and I don't like to see my friends in a sad state.<br />
<br />
I guess I'll tell u what I have done in my summer lately. I have gone to a christian youth camp (though u see this "christian camp" part u should continue reading because it was very ironic and funny of me to be there) in Illinois for a week and I have meet many people from this camp. I meet people from all over the United States and I have strengthen the ties and gotten to know more about the people that I traveled with. Many of the people in my group and I all had some things in common, we were all shy, lonely, and we were never sure if we could even talk to some of those who came with us. All these people that I traveled with were all accepting. But even though I know they were all accepting and open about themselves, I could never be accepted by them because I am gay and that I am a closet. I would find it nice to become good friends and close to all these people but I kind of push them off because I think and I am pretty sure that if I came out to them later on I would be back stabbed and looked away from because I was gay. I would have my trust broken by these people.<br />
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Well I have told u a secret that is very dear to me. I hope we become friends so that u can have some one to lean on. ^_^

Hey i hope so too and just by the way I do not mind gays at all. Hell I want a gay friend myself and thanks a lot. I will take you up on that offer

THANX!!!!! LOLS!!!!!! So what have u been doing lately?

I went to the theater to watch Madea's Witness Protection and on Wednesday my sis and younger bros are going to go watch Brave. U wanna see anything lately?

I want to watch the Amazing Spider Man because I heard its better than the original or something like that. I have not been doing much because my parents went for a trip to Euro and practically put us under house arrest but know I am going out with friends and all.

LOL!!! Have fun!! I had some friends that went to go watch it a couple of days ago. They said that it was pretty good. Well I just got back from watching Brave and it was pretty good. ^_^ Have fun!!! and HAPPY JULY 4TH!!!!!!

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