City Of Angel.... Not

Just graduated. No job. My family lost a house due to foreclosure. Living with my sister in a nice LA downtown studio. She kicked my mom out of her studio. Now my mom is living in a car now. Trying to best to get a place. I need to find a job. My sister feels that everyone is taking advantage of her. I am not. I suppose financial issue is the main problem of our family. I need a effing job.... I think having a decent job will solve some of the issues, yet I am trying my best to find a job. Ugh.... I think I feel better by writing this. Tomorrow will be a good day. I will get the job I want! Pray for me as you are reading this! Thank you!
Bambiandlola Bambiandlola
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

quitting is not an option. good luck!