I Talk Through My Eyes, The Words Pourin Out

"If I speak at one constant volume, at one constant pitch, at one constant rhythm, right into your ear, you still won't hear." - Faith No More's A Small Victory.

That song, well, that line and the song "Nobody Hears" from Suicidal Tendencies have been two of my favorite songs, ever since I can remember.

Mainly, because I can relate to them both. It amazes me how people just don't listen. I've had my family do this to me as well as my boyfriends and my ex-husband.

My mom told me once it's because I am boring. However, everyone else talks to me about the same sort of crap and I listen to them just fine.

It could be a bit of jealousy on my part. I can't tune people out, I have to listen to them.

I'm not one that really talks that much in the first place.

I had an ex who had a tendency to ignore me. I cooked him some food, when I handed it to him I clearly said "Careful, it's hot." As I walked away I heard "Ouch!" He didn't listen. I didn't say that for my health, I said it for his.

I've also dealt with the type, who look like they're listening but they're just waiting until you're done talking. Then they start to talk. Either they'll change the subject to something they want to talk about or they'll try and sound like they were listening but they'll be way off the mark.

Every so often, I am able to find someone who I am actually able to have a nice conversation with, but it's few and far between.
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Dec 3, 2012