People,wolves,and Werewolves

I have always loved the night, when I was four my nabobs dog took care of me. My mom worked and my dad was sickos she brung me food and took me in the woods and played. Then the pound took her and I ant been the same I have been looking for her sense then. I hope there is somebody out there that can relate to me,I mean my best freind is the only person that knows I am a ........ I have had dream like things that were so real. I was running after a deer and then the next morning I Was on my porch asleep and a deer carces in the woods.And there a was blood guts and gore every were. If you want to chat with me on this subject look me up on Facebook under Dana neece.
Werewolflovergirl Werewolflovergirl
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012