I Dont Know What To Do

well lets see i remember when i was younger that i always wondered what it would be like to be a girl. after some time of thought i took my sisters panties and i instantly love it i felt more alive when i put them on. ever since then i loved to wear womens clothing cause i like how womens clothing were so comfortable. im nineteen now and i finally confessed to my girlfriend that i liked to wear womens clothing and i guess she didnt like it so we broke up and now im left heart broken but im still trying to take my cross-dressing to the next step. im really afraid about what my family will think of me. so im just sticking to underwear for now until i find a place of my own then i might take it to the next step but im stumped cause idk how to tell my family and my parents are divorced theyve been since i was born so im really asking for help
lahire lahire
18-21, M
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I also never told my parents,but think that my mother might have understood (maybe not condoned it) my dad would have gone nuts.
I told my wife before we married and she is OK with it as long as I don't get caught by others, she even buys me many things.
I have also had some other female "friends" that I showed, and we had great fun with it.
My daughter caught me one night when I had dressed and fallen asleep on the couch (she did not live at home at the time and dropped in unexpectedly during the night). After some discussion, and a lot of explaining she started giving me her hand-me downs......how cool is that!!!!! (she and I are close to the same size).
To me the bottom line is you should probably (and this is my own opinion and experience) keep it to yourself and only reveal the "other you" to those that will accept and love you for who you are, but you might be pleasantly surprised by who will.

Take care and walk softly (in those 4" heels)


I remember being young and horribly confused about my dressing. I thought my parents would freak out and I took every precaution to not get caught. several close calls and caught twice. My mom offered counseling which I rejected, I thought it was to fix me. I didn't want to be fixed, but her intent was to help me accept it. Oh if only she had explained that at the time, or forced me to go.

What I'm getting at is the worst thing you can do to yourself is to hate you for wanting/needing to dress up. Quite frankly its not that bad of a thing to be into, and its more common than people think. But you have, o sort out what it all means. Are you just a CD/TV or are you transsexual? These are the important questions that can help shape the rest of your life.

I strongly suggest finding someone to help you sort through it all. You will be a happier person for it.

im glad that you found the one that accepts you for you i know that i still have plenty of years of looking but man i really loved her unfourtantely she couldnt accept who i was and we dated for a year before i told her so yeah its not something that i would bring up that quick ya know i fully believe in no secrets but it takes me a little bit to open up to anyone for fear that i will be made fun off considering i was made fun of my whole life for different reasons and thats a whole another story and i might try it when no one is home but i dont have all the fixins yet

I really wish I could give you some good advice, but I am stumped on what to say to you. I think you are right about sticking to panties until you can find a place of your own, but I would also say if you have a couple hours home alone, maybe dress a little more just be prepared if someone comes home early.
I never told my parents, and they both have passed away. As far as my kids, I think they know, but we never talk about it. I will NEVER tell any of my friends, because they would not understand.
I told my current wife with in a week of meeting her. I wanted no secrets and I knew crossdressing was part of my life and it was a part I would not give up. If she couldn't or wouldn't accept me, then I wanted to find someone who would.