I love to dress as a lady, my wife knows but does not approve of it. She caught me comming in one morning after I went down to get the mornings paper, and she repremanded me terribly. She said that she would be humilliated if any of the neighbors saw me. Then came all the questions, are you gay, do you want to be a woman, would you want to have sex with a man? Well I don't want to be a woman, i don't want to have sex with a man, but recently I have sucked a mans ****. The reason I did it was, I love the taste of ***. I have been swallowing my own *** for over 15 years, I just can't get enough ***. There is just no one around that I can talk to about my desires, to dress as a lady and swallow ***. I wish the was some one around the Syracuse, New York area like myself.
lottsafun lottsafun
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Your life sounds so much like mine. I love to dress when I can and love the taste of ***.

Gosh!! You and I are so alike. I eat my own ***, I have sucked a mans ****, I love *** shooting out of a nice hard **** into my mouth, I dress as a woman but don't want to become a woman. I just like the clothes and how they make me feel and how they make me look.

Fabulous sweetie