New Path

Sorry for the confusion I have deleted all the info I had posted  I am here and will stay however I will only be available to write to those who wish to discuss CD and MtF issues  I have written to probably a few hundred people on these topics and have learned as much as I probably taught but what the hell that's what it is all about.  I was to answer one writer born a female but I have lived and worked with many who wish they had been.  Write and hopefully we may learn from each other.
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Welcome back, Barbi ...

I feel privlidged and honored to have you here. I'll check in to see what I can learn, so as to become a better woman.

I am basically happy with where I am in life, just wish I could get my wife to participate with me when I am dressed.

Hi I really want to be a female I just wish I could find a home so I can live like one I like to do what every female does I don't have a place I can call my own I have been struggling from day to day where I'm going to be and live I need lots of help